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Maths and English tuition for children aged 6 to 16.
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Celebrating 10 years tutoring maths and English in Lisburn.

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 Our qualified tutors have the experience and passion to help your child achieve their full potential.

On Target Tuition has been tutoring primary and secondary children in maths and English in our Lisburn tuition centre since 2007.  We provide professional tutoring by qualified, experienced teachers allowing parents to be confident that they are receiving help from a tutor with the skills to assess and adapt their teaching to your child's individual needs. On Target students quickly gain confidence and achieve their goals in the classroom.  There is no magic formula!  Just great teaching by an experienced tutor, in a friendly learning space.

Tuition by qualified teachers

Qualified Teachers

A qualified teacher knows how to get the best out of your child.  Knowledge of the subject and experience in how to adapt the tutoring to your child's learning style is why it is important to make sure your child's tutor is a qualified, experienced teacher.  On Target only employs qualified teachers and not students or graduates. We use classroom assistants to support our learning but not to plan and teach your child.  You have the guarantee that your child's tutor is Access NI checked and fully insured.
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Friendly Learning

Your child should feel comfortable if you want to get the best out of tuition.  Our bright and modern centre provides a friendly and positive learning environment that students thrive in because it is set up with that purpose unlike tuition provided in the home. Your child is in a place where they can see other children enjoying learning and not in a room with one unfamiliar tutor. We find that even the most reluctant learners soon settle in and enjoy learning in this environment. Our tutors can work with up to 5 children on an individual basis and we find this is the ideal balance, allowing intensive teaching and fostering independence. 

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Targeted Support

Your child is taught by their tutor individually based on their own needs.  Our tailored tuition allows us to support children of all abilities whether they are falling behind at school, are looking for a confidence boost, are gifted students or have special educational needs. Our programmes are adaptable. If your child is struggling with an area taught in school that week, we can adapt our plans to help them. Our role as a tutor is to help your child feel comfortable in the classroom. Our programmes are designed to complement the NI Curriculum and are not a one size fits all solution. 
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Weekly Feedback

We provide detailed feedback after every lesson. We believe that continual communication with you, the parent, is vital to the success of your child’s tuition. We do not hold termly parent interviews but discuss your child’s progress each week so that you know exactly what the tutor is doing to help and what the next steps will be.

About On Target Tuition

On Target Tuition is owned and run by husband and wife team Martin and Clare Rimmer. 

We are both qualified teachers with over 20 years' experience between us.  We are lucky enough to be combining our love of teaching with running our own tutoring business and opened our tuition centre in Market Square, Lisburn in 2007.  We are excited to be celebrating 10 years tutoring children in maths and English in the Lisburn area.

Children come from all over the Lisburn and Greater Belfast area to attend our tuition centre.  Our teachers tutor children from: Lisburn, Dunmurry, Derriaghy, Lambeg, Antrim, Ballinderry, Maghaberry, Moira, Aghalee, Lurgan, Craigavon, Banbridge, Dromore, Dromara, Hillsborough, Saintfield, Carryduff, Crumlin, Ballynahinch and Annahilt.   We have even had students come to us from as far away as Castlewellan and North Belfast.  

The business has grown from Martin and Clare tutoring a handful of students a week to a bustling tuition centre, employing 11 tutors and tutoring over 150 children a week.

We are proud to say that over fifty percent of our students come from word of mouth referrals making us Lisburn's number one choice for parents when it comes to finding a tutor for their child.  Parents and children are most welcome to visit us and have a look around our centre.

What happens when you bring your child to On Target Tuition?

The first step to beginning your child's tuition journey is to bring them in for an informal assessment.  These take place on a Saturday afternoon and usually last between 30 to 45 minutes.


'Your tuition transformed him! He really enjoyed the sessions and found an appreciation for and understanding of English that I think will stay with him. His confidence soared as did his ability and we were delighted with his GCSE results, He would not have achieved his grades without you.'

           Mrs Mackinnon
             August 2016 

"My thanks to Martin for his enduring patience and persistence with our bright but lazy child.  Weekly tutoring has brought Sam up to the level we would like him to be at but could not achieve at home.  The right tutor can move mountains."

                 G Fulton
               June 2016

"Lara achieved a mark of 112!  She is delighted and we wanted to thank you so much for all the help she received.  Your calm and measured approach was just right for Lara and her progress particularly in maths was remarkable.  We are hopeful that she may obtain a place at Wallace." 

                   Feb 2016

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On Target Tuition Blog

By Clare Rimmer 10 Nov, 2017

After months of preparation, the Northern Ireland Transfer test exams  are upon us. How can you ensure that your child is calm, cool and collected on the day?  Here are a few tips to make sure they can perform to the best of their abilities.

The week before the test

  • Try to make sure your child eats healthily  in the run up to the test. Don't be tempted to give them too many sugary, fatty treats to make them feel better. The body needs lots of fresh fruit, vegetables, oily fish, and plenty of water. Dehydration shrinks the brain!!
  • Make sure your child is getting lots of sleep  by going to bed at a reasonable hour. Try and keep any extra after school activities to a minimum in the week before the test. You don't want them to be over tried.
  •  Make sure that your child knows when the test starts and finishes .
  • Go shopping for some new HB pencils  and a quality rubber .

The Day of the Test

  • Leave time for the journey  to the test venue. Check the traffic reports before you set out.
  • Make sure that your child has a good healthy breakfast . Consider giving them a healthy snack  on the way to the test such as a banana. This will keep their blood sugar up, which will help with their concentration.
  • Remind your child is keep an eye on the time. The invigilators should alert your child every 15 minutes but your child must take responsibility for timing the test as well.
  • Don't forget essentials  such as glasses or an inhaler. Give them some tissues just in case.
  • Prepare your child for the fact that some children may cry. Help them understand that they must focus on themselves and not the emotions of others.
  • Talk about the distractions  they may face in the exam room and how to ignore them and get on with their work.

After the test is over

  • Give them a big hug and reassure them that it doesn't matter what the result is, they have done their best and you are extremely proud of them!
  • Spend the rest of the day engaged in a relaxing and fun activity of your child's choice to help them take their mind off what may have been a stressful experience.
  • Ask your child how they felt the exam went. Try to find out if anything significant went wrong for them. This information could be important if you have to appeal.

By Clare Rimmer 17 Oct, 2017
After 10 minutes of the teacher talking to you about your child’s progress they ask you if you have any questions to ask them.   If you are any thing like me your mind goes completely blank and it is only later in the car on the way home that you suddenly remember that important question that you wanted to know about your child’s education!

So this year I am going prepared with this handy list of the Top 10 questions to ask at parents evening:

1. Do they seem happy at school ? Do they get along with other children?

2. Who do they play with?

3. Which subject is their strongest and which do they get the most enjoyment out of ?

4. What is their weakest subject and how can you help to encourage them to make more progress in it?

5. What can we do at home to help?

6. Are they making steady progress? If the parent interview is early on in the school year this question may not be relevant yet as the teacher is still getting to know your child.

7. Do they contribute to class discussions?

8. Are they at the expected level for their age group? If  they are performing below their age, ask what areas need to be worked on and what is being done by the school to bring them up to the level required for their age group.

9. If your child is having any learning difficulties then bring this up as well. What extra support can the school provide? What feedback can you get from the teacher implementing this support?

10. If your child is preparing for exams – What work is outstanding? What subject areas do they need to revise? Are they on target to get the grade they need?

If you feel your child needs more support with their school work On Target Tuition in Lisburn can help. Call us on 9267 5071 to discuss how we can help .  
By Clare Rimmer 18 Aug, 2017

If you are one of the many GCSE  students dreading the arrival of the postman on exam results day , you are not alone! It doesn’t matter how hard you studied or didn’t study , that sick feeling that you get right down in the pit of your stomach is the normal reaction when it comes to exams. We have all seen the smiling, happy children on the 6 o’clock news, smugly opening their envelopes to find 7 A’s and 2 B’s shining back at them. With more and more focus on academic performance and more pressure on young people to achieve, 16 year olds could be forgiven for thinking a poor set of GCSEs is the end of the world as they know it. In these tough economic times students are being told that a good set of results is all the more important. It is no surprise that teenagers are left feeling ill at the thought of hearing their letter boxes opening!

By Clare Rimmer 22 Jul, 2017

The transition from Primary to Secondary school is one of the important milestones in every child’s life. It can often be a daunting time for children as they move from the safe, sheltered environment of the Primary classroom with one teacher to the much busier world of secondary education with multiple teachers, classrooms and homework to try to keep on top of. It is all too easy to let your child take a holiday from all things education for the whole summer. However, remember that the last few months of Primary 7 are often filled with less academic activities and it is especially important that the summer brain drain does not mean your child falls behind at the beginning of their first year.

So what can you do over the summer months to make sure your child is ready and able to cope with the realities of being a “Firsty”?

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