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                                                 Maths Tutors

Maths tuition tailored to the NI Curriculum

For a number of reasons, many students simply don't enjoy maths. Many children struggle with the basic facts or are unable to use their mathematical knowledge to tackle problem solving questions.   At On-Target Tuition in Lisburn our aim is to put the fun factor back into maths!  Our tutors do this through building your child's confidence in both mental maths and problem solving through clear and simple explanations. The student drives the pace of the lesson so if more revision time is needed the tutor can give it in a relaxed non pressure environment. We help develop maths skills by tutoring the student to read the question and extract the maths needed to answer the question effectively.   This gives the child more confidence in the classroom and promotes a 'can do' attitude. 

We tutor children from age 6 to Year 12 as well as helping students with GCSE retakes in Year 13.  Before the student begins tuition we carry out an assessment to enable us to put together a programme of work focusing on areas that are weaker, perhaps needing revision or simply needing taught again.  In addition, we are able to offer specific support for Transfer Test (11+) students and exam revision for AQA, Edexcel CEA exam boards. Success in maths relies on all the building blocks being in place.  If there are gaps in your child's knowledge of maths, our tutors will fill them in before moving on to the hard stuff.


'‘I find this tuition very helpful for maths as I get one to one time with the teacher and a better understanding of my work. I am able to see where I am struggling and address the problem. I have seen a huge improvement of my grades in class tests, school work and homework over the past year, and I am much more confident than I used to be, in maths.’

                Feb 2017

“Ryan has been attending tuition for 5 months now. I was worried his maths was falling behind. At the start I thought I would have a battle on my hands getting him to go! However I have been surprised at how much he loves attending, he actually looks forward to it! His maths has come on so much and his teachers have even commented to me about how he seems to have a much better grasp on the subject.” E. Lundy 

                  E Lundy
               March 2014

‘Hannah’s confidence and abilities in maths have really improved thanks to Clare and On Target. The specific attention and support she has had, have helped her so much and I am so pleased with her progress. Maths no longer means tears and that is such a gift!’

               Mrs Martin 
                 Feb 2017

"Martin wanted to let you know Claire passed her GCSE maths. She is so pleased. We really appreciate all the work you are doing please thank trevor he was brilliant. Claire was always very happy to go and the pep talk he gave her before the exams boosted her confidence. Thankyou all." 

            Joan Jennings 
                 Feb 2015

‘Trevor has assisted me during my GCSE mathematics course. He has allowed me to develop my skills in problem solving, algebra and in a variety of other topics relational to mathematics. Over the year I have spent with my tutor, I have improved by four grades (E to A) and have been able to use my skills in a variety of other topics. The comfortable and relaxed environment creates a sense of calm which allowed me to focus more clearly on the tasks set. The small class size ensures that we are all sufficiently catered to and ensures any questions can be conclusively answered. The homework set reinforces the work done with in the session and any queries can be dealt with during the following lesson. Trevor’s attitude of forming an understanding of a question with the student and developing it is one of the reasons I have changed from a back-of-the-class student to considering pursuing an A-Level in mathematics.’

         Ryan J McConville                        Feb 2017

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