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It is really important that your child gets to practise answering AQE questions using paper and pencil as they will in the real test. It doesn’t matter at first if they are not able to complete the AQE practice paper in the one hour time limit.   You can break the paper into chunks. Get them to complete an English section on one practice session and a maths section the next practice session.

Work with them to correct any mistakes and make a note of these mistakes.   Go over examples of topics they are not getting correct before sitting another paper.
It is really important in the early stages of AQE practice that your child does not become frustrated that they are not getting a good percentage in the practice papers.  The AQE practice papers should be used as a learning tool.  Once they have learned all the topics you can then focus on fine tuning and improving their overall percentage.

When they get more confident and want to complete a whole paper, do not panic if it is not finished within the hour.  Explain that one hour is the goal we are working towards.  Make a note of the question they reached when one hour was up. They can try to better that next time, gradually building their exam technique and confidence.

Buy AQE Practice Papers

On Target Tuition have been preparing children for the AQE Transfer Test for 14 years.  We were  becoming frustrated when advising parents on what AQE practice papers to buy.  Often your child’s teacher will request that you do not use the same papers that they will use in school.  This means that you cannot practise at home using the actual AQE past papers and we struggled to find papers that replicated the actual AQE test on the market. 

The solution was to create our own!  After careful analysis of the past papers dating back to 2011 we have created 12 practice papers which replicate the style, questioning and feel of the real tests at a reasonable price for parents to buy.  They are available in PDF format which you can download at home or we will post them out to you for free.

All our AQE practice papers have been updated to the 2021 specification. We have removed all the maths topics no longer on the AQE curriculum for 2021 and replaced them with questions still being tested.

Buy them  on the On Target Transfer Tests website.

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