Maths and English Tuition for Children Aged 6 to 16

Celebrating 13 years of English and Maths tuition in Lisburn.

Our qualified tutors have the experience and passion to help your child achieve their full potential

On Target Tuition has been tutoring primary and secondary children in maths and English in our Lisburn tuition centre since 2007.  We provide professional tutoring by qualified, experienced teachers allowing parents to be confident that they are receiving help from a tutor with the skills to assess and adapt their teaching to your child’s individual needs. On Target students quickly gain confidence and achieve their goals in the classroom.  There is no magic formula!  Just great teaching by our experienced tutors, in a friendly learning space.

Qualified Teachers

On Target Tuition qualified teachers

A qualified teacher knows how to get the best out of your child. Knowledge of the subject and experience in how to adapt the tutoring to your child’s learning style is why it is important to make sure your child’s tutor is a qualified, experienced teacher.  On Target only employs qualified teachers and not students or graduates. We use classroom assistants to support our learning but not to plan and teach your child.  You have the guarantee that your child’s tutor is Access NI checked and fully insured.

Friendly Learning

Friendly learning environment On Target Tuition

Your child should feel comfortable if you want to get the best out of tuition.  Our bright and modern centre provides a friendly and positive learning environment that students thrive in because it is set up with that purpose unlike tuition provided in the home. Your child is in a place where they can see other children enjoying learning and not in a room with one unfamiliar tutor. We find that even the most reluctant learners soon settle in and enjoy learning in this environment. Our tutors can work with up to 5 children on an individual basis and we find this is the ideal balance, allowing intensive teaching and fostering independence. 

Targeted Support

Ni curriculum On Target Tuition

Your child is taught by their tutor individually based on their own needs.  Our tailored tuition allows us to support children of all abilities whether they are falling behind at school, are looking for a confidence boost, are gifted students or have special educational needs. On Target programmes are adaptable. If your child is struggling with an area taught in school that week, we can adapt our plans to help them. Our role as a tutor is to help your child feel comfortable in the classroom. Our programmes are designed to complement the NI Curriculum and are not a one size fits all solution. 

Weekly Feedback

Feedback every lesson On Target Tuition

We provide detailed feedback after every lesson. We believe that continual communication with you, the parent, is vital to the success of your child’s tuition. At On Target we do not hold termly parent interviews but discuss your child’s progress each week so that you know exactly what the tutor is doing to help and what the next steps will be.

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