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GCSE Maths Tuition

In today’s world it is necessary for most occupations and further education courses to gain at least a “C” grade at GCSE Maths. At On-Target Tuition, we aim to pinpoint a student’s areas of weakness and bring them to a level that enables success.

Students will be studying either the foundation or the higher tier CCEA Maths curriculum.  A thorough grasp of the topics covered in the curriculum is required to achieve their best grade.
We work to the individual needs of the students, and establish why a student fails to grasp a topic and correct any mistakes they are making.  Our highly experienced GCSE Maths teacher, Trevor is an ex-examiner and knows how to get the most out of his students.  He writes his own practice papers so our students are not repeating what they have done in school. We strive to make sure that we are up to date with all the latest curriculum changes so our students study the curriculum that is relevant to them.  
A new curriculum is being rolled out from September 2017.  More information about this can be found on the CCEA website by clicking on the links below.
We tutor for CCEA Foundation M1, M2, M5 and M6 and CCEA Higher M3, M7, M4 and M8
Our combination of targeted reinforcement of mathematical facts and past paper examples will ensure your child is ready for the test. 


'Martin wanted to let you know Claire passed her GCSE maths. She is so pleased. We really appreciate all the work you are doing please thank trevor he was brilliant. Claire was always very happy to go and the pep talk Trevor gave her before the exams boosted her confidence. Thank you all.'

Joan Jennings

Joan Jennings

August 2016

‘Trevor has assisted me during my GCSE mathematics course. He has allowed me to develop my skills in problem solving, algebra and in a variety of other topics relational to mathematics. Over the year I have spent with my tutor, I have improved by four grades (E to A) and have been able to use my skills in a variety of other topics. The comfortable and relaxed environment creates a sense of calm which allowed me to focus more clearly on the tasks set. The small class size ensures that we are all sufficiently catered to and ensures any questions can be conclusively answered. The homework set reinforces the work done with in the session and any queries can be dealt with during the following lesson. Trevor’s attitude of forming an understanding of a question with the student and developing it is one of the reasons I have changed from a back-of-the-class student to considering pursuing an A-Level in mathematics.’

Ryan J McConville

Ryan J McConville

February 2017

‘My two sons have been going to On Target for over a year now and they are both exclling in their school work. One son completed a GCSE maths module in 3rd year with nearly full marks with the help of Trevor. My other son has increased his reading age by 3 years since starting with Heln. He is now with Katrina who is very focused on getting him to reach his potential. More importantly their confidence in their own ability has greatly improved’

O. Areavey

O. Areavey

September 2019

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