Transfer Test Tuition

Transfer Test Tuition for the SEAG GL Exams

Our experienced teachers will put together a programme of work designed to fill in the gaps in your child’s knowledge of the transfer test curriculum.  Through thorough revision of the SEAG curriculum topics and exam technique our aim is the make sure your child has covered everything in the tests and is prepared for the format of the new 2023 SEAG tests.

Buy SEAG Style Staged Difficulty Practice papers

Transfer Test Practice Papers

If you are looking for SEAG 2023 Style practice papers and revision books to help your child revise for the new SEAG tests, please visit our resources site.  Here you will find a range of Transfer Test resources including staged difficulty practice papers designed to replicate the real papers and revision books for each Transfer Test topic.


‘I would just like to say how much we appreciate everything you have done for Josh since starting with you. He has become more confident in the tasks that are being asked of him and he’s approaching his work more confidently too. He is becoming more forward thinking and is starting to look and think outside the box when the answers are not in black and white in front of him. We have confidence that by the time he has to sit his AQE he will be confident and completely prepared for what will be asked of him. Josh loves coming too and says how quick the time goes which is a testament to how you with him.’

Helen Bickerstaffe

Helen Bickerstaffe

February 2017

‘My son began attending On Target the summer before entering P5. His confidence in numeracy was rock bottom and literally within weeks I began to see such an improvement. His teacher was absolutely brilliant at boosting his self-esteem, so much so that he really looked forward to his weekly sessions. (He was a child who was absolutely terrified of maths!) His confidence continued to improve and he now works with Martin focusing on preparation for AQE (something I didn't believe would be possible!) He still really enjoys his session and Martin passes on invaluable advice reflectly his experience with the AQE process. I give complete credit to Martin and his "team" for totally transforming my son's mindset and no matter what score he achieves in his AQE, I know he is so much better prepared to enter the next phase in his education. Thank you.’

Lisa Harbinson

Lisa Harbinson

September 2019

I would highly recommend On Target Tuition to anyone looking for AQE tutoring. From the first meeting (on Zoom, due to lockdown) Martin put our daughter at ease. Throughout the weekly sessions we could see our daughter's confidence begin to grow as she learned tips and tricks to recognise what the questions were asking for. Great team and great learning environment.

Laura Stewart

Laura Stewart

February 2022

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