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It is so important that your child gets to practice for the GL Transfer Test using practice papers!  This is because of the format of these tests.  They are multiple choice tests and so exam technique is one of the essential keys to success in the GL test.

Unfortunately GL Assessment do not publish past papers of the Northern Ireland Transfer Test.  We can only rely on their familiarisation booklets for both maths and English to help us understand the style of the questioning and the feel of this test. Children need to get used to selecting the correct answer from 5 or 4 choices. They also need to practise recording their answers on the GL answer sheet.

Children should be introduced to this style of questioning early on in their Transfer Test studies so they do not feel overwhelmed by this new format on the day of the test.  Our advice is to introduce GL Practice Papers gradually.  They do not need to sit a full test straight away.  In the English test you could focus on one English text or grammar, spelling and punctuation section in a revision session.  Make sure you record any mistakes they make and go over these topics before completing another part of the test.  

All our papers have been updated to reflect the 2021 specification.

The GL 2021 Maths paper has 45 questions to be completed in 45 minutes.  We have removed all the maths topics not included in the GL 2021 specification and replaced them with topics that will be on the test.

The GL English 2021 paper has 50 questions to be completed in 50 minutes.  That is one minute to read and answer each question.  This is something children need to get used to and practise regularly until they are confident. We have reduced the length of the tests to one poetry comprehension, one prose comprehension and 2 passages with errors sections. Some of the texts are still 19th Century as it would take too long to get permissions to use new texts in this short time period.

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On Target Tuition have been preparing children for the GL Transfer Test for 14 years.  One of the problems we have found with this test was a lack of practice material for multiple choice style testing.  We have found that children need specific practice in maths at choosing from a set of similar answers.  We have found that the GL English texts tend to be from traditional texts and that they are often over one page in length.  Children need to practise using longer texts in order to be successful in this test. 

The solution was to write our own papers for parents to buy!  We have written 32 GL papers.  16 GL maths practice papers and 16 GL  English practice papers using the format of the familiarisation booklets, to replicate the style and questioning of the real exam.  They are available in PDF format for parents to download at home or we can post them to you for free. 

The GL English papers include longer texts as this is the format of the real tests. They are written to reflect the difficulty of the GL test. We have chosen classic texts in the English papers with authors including:

  • Kenneth Grahame
  • Lewis Carroll
  • Mark Twain
  • Hans Christian Anderson
  • Rudyard Kipling
  • H.G. Wells
  • Arthur Conan Doyle
  • Robert Louis Stevenson.   

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